Is it possible to create a “a content for a month”?

Is it possible to create a “a content for a month”?

Is it possible to create a “a content for a month”?


Each client wants a “universal handbag” that would suit any look, for every day in other words. Do you have a universal/basic things that you use in everyday life? I am sure more than 100% – you have! We’ll talk about such a “universal bag” today.

It is no secret that the success of a business and a person depends on their own positioning, image and style. In particular, it depends on the social. networks, because people discover your product/project/personality via your social networking pages. Therefore, we came up with a kind of “universal handbag” – the service we called “a content for a month.”

“I don’t have the right photo/video …”, “nothing works … the style is different everywhere …”, “I’ll do it tomorrow/later/on the next week”. I often hear these words as an excuse. We have become good lawyers for ourselves. If all of these is about you – do not worry, you are not the first and not the last. I did it too. But now I choose the success of my project, my team and the development on each day. Even during the quarantine and the pandemic.

Our service “a content for a month” contains 30+ unique photos in one style of various products and 10 unique videos with 15-30 sec. timing. I hear the question “Can I only take photos or videos?” – yes, you can! But it is not as effective as a complex decision. In order to sell a product is not enough to show just one photo, you need to show a video review. The same thing works with food, toys, dresses, new computer games, studios, etc. And vice versa, the photo can be enlarged and examined in details, without pausing every second. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, you only need to use it skillfully.

Such project can be created during 7-14 days. But when the customer needs it “for yesterday” we can create it faster. A few days of preparation for the shooting of the project, a shooting day and several days of post-installation. For such a short period, you get rid of problems and daily excuses about an unfulfilled task or inappropriate photo or video content for your image.

Why do I call this service “a universal handbag”? Because you use it every day. You will also use our content every day. It will bring you more activity / loyalty / interest of the audience and the desired result. It’s not enough just to create good content. I also face the fact that customers don`t know how to use it. And at such moments I think “maybe this is not so necessary?”. This opinion is wrong. We all love with our eyes, not just men do so. We look at the wrapper firstly, and then we look at what is inside. The client looks at the visual at first too, and only if it evokes some kind of emotions in him, he will want to find out what is inside, and will begin to read posts, to communicate via messengers. And it all depends on your team and communication skills.

There is no perfect secret of success. In each company, this is a daily struggle with themselves, and only then with competitors. If you are ready to change and to improve your business, we are ready to be a contribution and a part of you. After all, your success, your result is important for us. Studio team “L.A. production” is 24/7 as always. Call, leave applications on the website or in social networks and we will be happy to create successful working content for you.

Create your success!

                                                                                               Best Regards, Your Producer