Clubhouse and the film industry!

Clubhouse and the film industry!

Clubhouse and the film industry!

How to become acquainted to someone who you need in two clicks, or what is Clubhouse?

2020 was not an easy one. Of course, if you’re not the founder of Zoom, or didn’t buy Bitcoins in January. This year was difficult for almost all mankind. And the film industry is not an exception. Time will tell what the new year will be like, but it has already prepared interesting novelties. And they came from where no one expected – from China. At least, Clubhouse, a new social network where users communicate only by voice, works on Chinese software. There are no videos, text chats, messages and the ability to write to each other. No likes and comments. Only voice communication and only in real time. It all sounds like a radio shows or speaker forums in audio format. But instead of a stage or a studio – interest groups (“rooms”). Records are also not kept here, so it is exclusively a “here and now” format.

Another social network? Seriously?

At time when voice messages are becoming a bad manners, there is an application where the only tool for communicating and engaging the audience is the voice. People hear a smart and interesting conversation and subscribe to the speaker. Accordingly, the more meaningful is your speech, the more followers you get. Experts and just interesting people discuss topics of business, creativity, technology, mental health here, and finally talk about their ordinary lives.

Opportunity to hear people you would never hear

It seems that podcasts is created for those who like to listen to interesting people. Yes, but Clubhouse is simpler. What is the probability that a conditional producer or actor will create his own podcast or show? The application gives this opportunity to everyone. No studio, equipment, or even the physical presence of speakers is required. Just the confidence that you are interesting, the phone and your own voice. In addition, podcasts distinguish between the concept of “viewer” who consumes content and “author” who creates it. Here, anyone can go to the room, “raise his hand” and enter into an interesting discussion, or ask any question.

ClubHouse and the world of video production

For the world of cinema and filming, Clubhouse is like a free online intensive that repeats almost every day. Today, the director talks about working on a film, and the actors talk about preparing for the role, tomorrow – the producer shares the intricacies of working with customers from Hollywood, and costume designers discuss clothes in the movies and the role of stylist and how much depends on their work.

During the week that I am using this social network, I have already heard a lot of stories, advice and opinions. From Alexander Rodnyansky and Lado Kvatania, to Alan Badoev and Tanya Muinho. And all this in the format of a live conversation. It is often the case that several rooms on different topics have already been created and running at the same time – and all of them are really interesting to you. It is a pity that it is impossible to “break up” to eavesdrop everywhere.

The most interesting

People are willing to share information and insights, because this is not an interview format, or the podcast. Here is an imitation of a live conversation with interested people, which no one will record. Like in the kitchen with friends until the sunrise. That is why people open up and a room for a thousand people becomes a single organism. There is always a room for spontaneous (and therefore live) dialogue. In addition, there are not many people here yet – the number of users is only 8 million, half of whom have joined in during the last two weeks.

For example, Instagram is used by about 1 billion (!) Users every month, and its owner, Facebook, covers 2.5 billion users (yes, this is every third inhabitant of the Earth). And you can get to the “party” only by invitation (invitation). The audience here is going to be as interested and involved as it possible. Mostly these are people who really have something to say.
This is not content in the usual sense of the word. This is a radio 2.0, access to which is not available to everyone yet.

But why such wild popularity?

It is difficult to answer this question in one sentence. Probably during the pandemic and isolation, people missed lively and sincere communication. In addition, there is an element of excitement – you never know what kind of person can join the conversation in the next moment. Yes, one of the conversations was recently joined by the great and powerful Elon Musk. And for over an hour he talked about neurotechnology, cryptocurrencies and answered questions.

Clubhouse is as reminiscent of real communication. Where else can you hear different people from different fields that we don’t know at all and would never know? Only in real life. That is why it is an ideal place for networking and making new acquaintances. There are even special rooms where no one says anything at all. Several thousand people read each other’s biography (profile description), get to know each other and make connections.

Is everything so sweet?

Of course, like everything in this world, the Clubhouse is not perfect. Therefore, here are the main disadvantages that may convince you not to install “another one application” on your phone.

The reverse side of the main advantages – everything is like in real life. Sometimes participants neglect timings and their expertise, and turn the conversation into empty chat. To be interesting constantly – ok, okay. Useful information, of course, is available, but often 70-80% of the information makes no any sense. Another significant disadvantage is the lack of full moderation. Since anyone can join the conversation, there is no guarantee that the person who has just entered is really interested in a constructive dialogue.

By the way, I advise you to consciously choose who you subscribe to. After all, if someone you follow starts a conversation or joins another, you will receive a push notification. And from this follows the following disadvantage – the application throws you notifications as soon as you give access to it. Personally, I don’t even get that much from messengers. As an option – in general to limit notifications and to enter the application only when there is time. And Clubhouse really needs a lot of time. Apparently, this is the main disadvantage. Unlike other social networks, you can easily spend here for 5-7 hours. This is the specificity of interesting conversations.

Although it already depends on each individual. All applications and social networks are created to capture our attention and time. This is the most valuable resource today. Therefore, it is up to the user how he will configure the application for himself and how responsibly he will use it.
And in fairness – if there really is no time, we will not spend it on any social networks. And if you have time, it is better to spend it on Clubhouse, which in theory can be useful.

What’s next?

The future is difficult to predict. Today it is an ungrateful thing. Therefore, I will not predict what will happen next. Instead, I suggest you enjoy what you have now. Honestly, Clubhouse now resembles Twitter in the early 10’s, or Instagram (which, incidentally, was also only available for the iPhone), until brands and advertising came there. It gives the impression of the most “tube” community of its people, who are interested in listening, getting acquainted and joining the conversation with them. So it’s time to make new acquaintances and return to the set with new knowledge and cool collaborations, right? Lights, Camera, Action!

                                                                                                                                                     Author: Anton Kolosov