About us

About us

About us

We are different. Let’s be honest – everyone has its own peculiarity, and it is not always good in real life. But! We are united by one warm, soulful word – “creativity”. We are originators. And that is our identity. There is no matter for us what time is it – day or night, what the weather is outside – cold or hot, rainy, snowy or shiny, what mood we have – funny or sad – all of this are secondary factors. The love to creativity and the recognition of our mission always prevails all other factors.

What we are asked about
01 Why production? «We write our own story. And we know for sure that we don`t want to look back and realize that we have not lived our lives. Production is our life. Here are our dreams, our development, our inspiration, our creativity!» – H.M.
02 What does the name «L.A.» means? «The name should inspire, «as you call the ship, so it will float». «L.A.» has its own code that inspires us. There are three meanings: «Life Amazing», «Los Angeles» (City of Angels) and the third one, but this meaning is too personal to be disclosed», - H.M.
03 What is your aim? «To change the grade of cinema, visual branding of business and personalities, especially in Ukraine. Further - larger!», – H.M.
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About us

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«Everything has its own beauty, but not everyone can see it», – Confucius said.
We are able to see the beauty of your project, its personality, and we will be able to show this beauty to the world.

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