«How to determine what to shoot?»

«How to determine what to shoot?»

«How to determine what to shoot?»

“I want something, but I don’t know what.”

We think that this situation has happened with almost every one of us. “I want a video, but I don’t know which one.” In fact, there is not anything surprising and funny in it. There are enough variants of shooting to get lost in them today. All processes seem to be similar – camera, director, light, cameraman. But no. Services in the video production sphere are constantly increasing, and this is cool, we are developing. Therefore, how to determine what exactly is “necessary for me”? Let’s get it right.

The entire video sphere comes down to three areas – cinema, advertising, and “other.” Cinema is as close to us as for the audience, and as far away as for the creators. It can be created over the years, has its own subspecies, types, classification and history. We will not describe it in details here. But, if you suddenly live the idea of making a cool movie – let’s discuss! We are ready to create projects of this scale.

But now let’s talk about what we are most often contacted with and what is actually an important lever in business development. It’s not a secret that the video market has now captured almost all possible platforms. And exactly through the video we learn the basic information, decide what to purchase, and where to go. The queen of this section is advertising. If you want everyone to talk about your product, so that when you wake up and fall asleep, people remember exactly your logo and your slogan, speak with your ideas, sing your songs – advertising shooting is necessary. Promotional video is necessary to create an image, fame and business development.

What is this “other”?

Here we can include all the “other” types – animated videos, image, corporate, promotional video, aerial photography, shooting love story, backstage, stream. This list can go on and on. Why we determined so? Just for understanding that when you decide to shoot an advertisement, it does not mean that there can`t be any animation or aerial photography, and vice versa. Of course, each species has its own boundaries and further we will tell about each of them in the following articles.

So, how to determine what to shoot?

Ask yourself the following questions: What do I want? What is this for me? Which result do I want? Who is my viewer? What can I do for this?

Then call to the creative studio “L.A. production” and our team will work on your image and style to make everyone fall in love with your product!