It looks better from above

It looks better from above

It looks better from above


What is usually associated with the word “aero”? Flights? Oceans, islands? A chocolate bar with the same name? Yes, we love it all. However, today we will talk about in what we are direct professionals. Shooting that shots “from a bird’s eye view.” What is it? Why and when did it occur? Who needed it so much? What are drones for? Today we offer to learn a little more about aerial shooting.

Aerial shooting involves taking photos or videos from a height. The purpose is different – from scouting to film production. The first attempts at camera flights were recorded in the early twentieth century. The main goal is military scouting of enemy positions. However, this method of documentation was significantly different from what is known today. Typically, there were airplanes, balloons, or airships in which sat a man equipped with a huge specialized camera. The complexity and high cost of implementation required new solutions. Then came the so-called “bird photography”. Yes, literally – a bird. A miniature automatic camera was attached to the carrier pigeon, which took shots at regular intervals. This invention can be considered the prototype of modern “live cameras”.

With the development of technology, “drones” began to replace bulky helicopters and airplanes. One of these is quadrocopters, or in other words – drones. They were so named because of the murmur associated with drones.

The use of drones with video equipment not only created a revolution, but actually reinvented aerial shooting. Today, drones are used in dozens of different areas: journalism, ecology, agriculture, cartography, rescue operations and even delivery. However, we are interested in the “tastiest”, the most interesting thing that we really love – the field of photo and video production. We suggest to stop here in a little more detail.

The drone shots give the viewer a deeper understanding of what is happening below – both real and metaphorical. Depending on the task, creative idea, such personnel perform different goals.
For example, to give an understanding of where the action will take place, to state the location:

frame from the movie Joker (2019)

frame from the serie True Detective (2015)

To add speakers to the frame:

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)

Interstellar (2014)

To show the scale, the majesty of the location:

Sicario (2015)

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Or – to perform any other creative idea: to capture reality from a new angle, to give to the scene an additional meaning, to create the effect of loneliness of the hero.

Goldstone (2016)

Hell or High Water (2016)

Aerial footage helps directors and filmmakers to identify and to show the world in what the characters live, allowing for a better storytelling. Aerial footage sometimes has an even greater impact on the viewer than an ordinary footage from the ground. It emphasizes the mood and reveal the idea, mark the accents. It helps to put into context better, convey the atmosphere or emotion of a scene.

It is a spectacular and aesthetically pleasing:

Both frames above are from the author’s archive


Aerial photography is a modern and non-trivial way to reproduce reality. If you want to keep up with the times and to impress your viewer or client – aerial photography is what you need. Please, contact us and we will be happy to implement even the craziest ideas.


Author: Anton Kolosov